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Gas Sweetening

Amine Units

Hydrocarbon Gas may contain H2S and CO2 gases, which are highly toxic and highly corrosive. As a result it is important to reduce the gas content of H2S and CO2. This is called "sweetening".

Amine Units

AMR Process provides amine sweetening units removing H2S & CO2 from gas streams reducing corrosion issues to downstream equipment. AMR Process can offer standard DEA, MEA, MDEA & DGA units. AMR Process additionally offer blended amine units that provide capital & operating cost savings.

  • Custom design.

  • Pre liquid coalescer.

  • High efficiency absorption tower.

  • Flash drum.

  • Particulate / carbon filters.

  • Heat recovery exchangers.

  • Reflux and reboiler units.

  • Surge vessel.

  • Optional chemical injection package.

  • Booster & reinjection pumps.

Electrostatic AC-Plus Desalters
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