Heavy Oil Desalters & Oil Dehydrators

Desalters & Electrostatic Oil Dehydrators remove salt & water from oil prior to refinery and pumping operations to reduce corrosion and unnecessary pumping of water. AMR Process designs Heavy Oil Desalters, Oil Dehydrators & Heater Treaters utilizing our proprietary AC-Plus® Technology.

Heavy Oil makes up over 60% of the world reserves. Heavy Oil does not act in the same way as medium/light oils. Heavy Oil has stabilized emulsions, high water contents, conductive oil, long chain hydrocarbons, and many other impurities that impede coalescence of water molecules using traditional AC/DC electrostatic technologies. Desalting & dehydration of heavy oils cannot be processed with the same AC/DC electrostatic technology as applied to normal oil.  Heavy oil needs to be processed with alternative, high efficiency, proven technology.

AMR Process AC-Plus® electrostatic heavy oil technology has been proven in extremely difficult heavy oil applications. Instead of trying to move water molecules using an AC/DC field, AMR Process AC-Plus® electrostatic technologies uses an extensive vibration method which breaks down emulsions. Additionally the AC-Plus® technology does not rely on electrical gradients, eliminating the conductive issues experienced with AC/DC systems. AMR Process AC-Plus® electrostatic heavy oil technology has processed down to 12 API oil without blending.

Retrofit your existing problematic AC/DC electrostatic technology with AMR Process AC-Plus® heavy oil technology to reduce blending, reduce chemicals, improve oil specifications and eliminate operating issues, experienced with other existing AC/DC electrostatic technology.


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