Oil Dehydration & Desalter

AC/DC Desalter, Heater Treater & Electrostatic Oil Dehydrator Technology is common place and works extremely well with most medium/light oil applications.

AMR AC-Direct® vertical flow grid AC/DC technology moves water molecules through a stable DC field, causing larger coalescing of water molecules which provide higher grid flow rates and hence smaller vessels, when compared AC technologies. There is discussion that this AC/DC field also generates a weak AC attraction towards the interface level.

AC/DC AC-Direct Grid

High efficiency AC-Direct® Desalters & Oil Dehydration

Removal of water and salt from oil to extremely low levels utilizing AMR Process electrostatic, high voltage technology.

  • AC-Direct® technology utilizing AC/DC field.

  • High efficiencies leading to smaller units.

  • Variable high voltage outputs for flexibility of oil operation.

  • Vertical flow, advanced, single grid technology requiring 50-66% less power requirements than older double/triple grids.

  • Optional AC-Tri® balanced electrical loads.

  • Supplied with Dual-Lock® high voltage bushings as standard.