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AC-Tri® Balanced Electrical Load Desalters & Oil Dehydrators

Desaletrs and Electrostatic Oil Dehydrators require high voltages ranging from 12,000 to 25,000 volts, in order to interact with the polar water molecules.

A single phase specialized step-up transformer is required to achieve these high voltages. The single phase is loaded on a single phase of a three phase supply, requiring other site electrical items to be balanced on the other two phases to stop electrical generation tripping. This is more prominent on offshore facilities and remote sites, especially where desalters/treaters need to be moved from site to site.

AMR Process eliminates this issue with its AC-Tri® Balanced Electrical Load hook up transformer that balances a three phase supply in one transformer. Other suppliers may offer three transformers to balance the power generation at extensive extra cost, and power generation requirements.

AC-Tri® Balanced Electrical Load

Transformers are supplied standard with single phase hookup of three phase electrical supply. This puts a high load on one phase which may cause an imbalance in the electrical generation. As a result, where this was a possible issue, it was normal practice to request three transformers, hooked up to each phase of a three phase supply, in order to balance loads. AMR Process has an optional AC-Tri® hook up that distributes the electrical load evenly over three phases in a SINGLE transformer.

  • AC-Tri® eliminates need for three transformers, offering cost savings to clients.

  • AC-Tri® can be offered as high efficiency AC-Direct® or heavy oil AC-Plus® technologies.

AC-Tri AC-Direct Electrostatic Desalter
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