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Dual-Lock® HV Bushing

Desalters & Oil Dehydrators require 12,000 to 25,000 volts in order to interact with the polar water molecules. This high voltage runs from a specialized step-up transformer to inside the pressure vessel, through an HV entrance bushing.

These entrance bushings traditionally fail due to design & installation issues, requiring expensive fail detection equipment, spares & repairs.

AMR Process Dual-Lock® entrance bushings are designed to eliminate these issues, and now being requested by many clients as mandatory for all electrostatic suppliers.

Entrance Bushing.png

Failure Free Dual-Lock® HV Bushing

AMR Process is the only supplier in the world of the Dual-Lock® high voltage entrance bushing. Electrostatic technology has been developed in the past with the weakest point of design being the connection of high voltage supply to the operating pressure vessel. The Dual-Lock® HV Entrance Bushing eliminates this weakness, making it the standard that clients are demanding.

  • A total of SIX seals inside the bushing.

  • Metal on metal threads.

  • Simple HV wire terminating (no soldering).

  • Anti-wire twisting design.

  • Corona resistant wire.

  • No failure detection instruments required.

  • Retrofit of existing inferior HV bushings.

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