AMR Process

Oil & Gas Process Packages & Technology

Process Packages & Technology

AMR Products include Heavy Oil, Desalter, Oil Dehydrator, Heater Treater, Gas Dehydration, Amine Unit, Electrostatic Desalter, Electrostatic Dehydrator, Molecular Sieve Dehydrator, Gas Sweetening, Gas Conditioning Gas & Oil Process Packages & Technology, and Produced Water Treatment Process Packages & Technology.


From our origins in Alberta, the heart of the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, and world leaders in Heavy Oil Technology, AMR Process has grown to a recognized International Oil & Gas Process Package & Technology company, with experience in Onshore, Offshore, Sweet, Sour & Cold Weather designs & applications.


AMR Process provides Process Package Solutions to meet our clients' exact requirements, setting the standard in the International Oil & Gas Industry.

Oil Products

  • AC-Plus® / AC-Direct® / AC-Tri® Electrostatic Oil Dehydrators & Treaters

  • Heavy Oil Technology

  • Desalters

  • Heater Treaters

  • Oil Stabilizers

  • Sulphur Removal

  • High Efficiency Separation


Gas Products

  • EG Regeneration

  • TEG Dehydration & Regeneration

  • JT & Refrigeration Dew Point Units

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning

  • Methanol Recovery

  • Molecular Sieve Dehydration

  • Amine Units / Sweetening

  • NGL/LPG Processing

  • Molecular Sieve Conditioning

Glycol Unit


What we do

AMR Process provides the following oil, gas & produced water technologies services:

  • Design and Build of Process Packages

  • Licensed Designs for Others to Build

  • Site Process Trouble Shooting

  • Site Commissioning

  • Process Studies including De-Bottlenecking Studies

  • Process FEED Studies