The New ISO 9001:2015 Code

AMR Process is pleased to announce our upgrading of our Quality Assurance certification ISO 9001 to the new 2015 code, certified by SGS.

AMR Process supplies advanced Oil & Gas process packages to the international market place, having products in over 25 countries worldwide, and leaders in heavy oil processing.

So why is this quality assurance upgrade so important? Firstly the ISO 9001:2008 code is not longer valid. The new 2015 code, requires the organization to monitor & review internal & external issues as well as relevant interested parties. New risk analysis, and opportunity identification are also a requirement.

What does this translate to? Well companies with this new standard should be able to recognize improvements and plan and organize accordingly. This tells the client that this company is here to help long term, and plans to improve. This code is a standard that all companies should strive to achieve and client's should insist on.

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