Gas Conditioning

Fuel Gas Conditioning
Molecular Sieve
NGL / LPG Conditioning

Natural gas consists of many impurities such as solids and mercaptains, and additionally many different hydrocarbons that need to be separated for use in other applications. These processes help remove impurities and condition the gas into its usuable components.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas conditioning can range from simple filtering and heating to dehydration and BTU value adjustment.

  • Custom design.

  • Inlet filter separators followed by electric heating.

  • Dehydration unit incorporation.

  • JT unit incorporation.

Electrostatic AC-Plus Desalters

Molecular Sieve Conditioning

As well as super dehydration, molecular sieves can also remove trace amounts of H2S, mercaptans & CO2.

  • Custom design.

  • Inlet filter separators and coolers.

  • 2-3-4 absorber tower configurations.

  • Downstream filters.

  • Salt bath / hot oil regeneration gas heating system.

  • High temperature, absorption / regeneration cycles change over controls.

  • Regeneration gas cooler and separator.

Electrostatic Dehydrators

NGL/LPG Conditioning

Once natural gas liquids (NGL) have been removed from the gas stream they are processed further into Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fractions, such as ethane, propane, butane & isobutane.

  • Custom design.

  • Heat recovery exchangers.

  • High efficiency fractionation tower.

  • Reflux & reboiler units.

  • Fractionation colomn.

  • De-methanizer tower.

  • De-ethanizer tower.

  • De-butanizer tower.

  • De-isobutanizer tower.

AC-Direct Electrostatic Desalter